How to clean carpet stains in a snap

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like many other people I have an issue with little stains like these in the high traffic areas in the house especially on the carpet near the kitchen entrance.

I have tried a lot of store bought stain removers but this little DIY trick works better than those.

take about a cup of water and heat it up in the microwave. we don't need boiling water not warm but need hot water. I heated this for 1:30 minutes in 900 watt microwave.

u can use a drop of any dishwashing soap not the dishwasher kind but the hand washing kind doesn't have any bleach so its safe for your carpet.

put both in a sprayer bottle. if you don't have this use an old empty washed bottle or just pour it over the stain. if you are working with more stains this just makes it a little easier.

spray on the stain let it sit for 30 secs or so

wipe with a white paper towel or a white cotton cloth. colored cloths or papers may leave a shade of color sometimes on the carpet and dyes are really difficult to get rid off

yay! the paper towel picked up the stain :)

its gone :) wait for it to dry put an old towel or something on it so that you are not stepping on it till it dries.

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