How to make craft storage with salt & pepper shakers

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Locate a pair of old-fashioned salt and pepper shakers. These ones measure a about 1.5" wide by 3.5" tall.

Let's start with your salt shaker. Grab some pretty washi tape, like this gorgeous ivory and gold pattern by Graphic 45.

Cover as much of the surface as you can. Start from the top and wrap your washi tape all around your shaker. Trim. If you like, place glue or other adhesive behind the washi tape before attaching.

Continue covering your shaker until it is covered by washi tape. Again, feel free to apply glue or other adhesive behind the washi tape before attaching for extra hold.

Take a pretty patterned paper, like Graphic 45 Botanical Tea Fields of Flowers, and cut two rectangle shapes. Cut your rectangles so you will have about a 1/8" washi border.

Adhere the patterned paper to the front of your salt shaker. Then, adhere a sticker on top, such as this stamp sticker from Graphic 45's Secret Garden collection.

Adhere a little rose on top. Feel free to add glitter or Glimmer Mist!

For your pepper shaker, follow the same steps as your salt shaker, but choose a different sticker for the front.

Adhere a small rose to the top of your pepper shaker and you're done!

Fill your little salt and pepper shakers with embellishments. You can also fill them with candy and give as gifts!

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