How to repaint an old dresser

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Have old dresser!! Make it new again :)

I did the drawers first. Take off all hardware. Then sand down them. Then fill any cracks with wood filler.

Two costs of spray paint.

Then cut lace to lay over drawers. I taped them down to prevent them from moving.

Then spray paint. Use two coats.

I didn't take a picture but here is when I sprayed the hardware two coats as well.

After I took the lace off this is how they looked

Then I added a sealant to them. I Used acrylic spray

Then sand down the dresser it's self

Two coats of matte black spray paint. And the same sealant. I used one coat for the sides and two coats for the top.

Put the hardware back on and all together

Watch the video: How I Painted My Vintage Dresser Without Sanding

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