How to cook healthy scrambled eggs

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Get out skillet, and remember to spray with cooking spray....I forgot /.

Get out three eggs, milk, and feta cheese. This would be where you could also get out spinach, but I didn't have any this time.

Crack all three eggs into a bowl

Use the water bottle trick to remove two egg yolks...there's guides on here to do that. You just squeeze the bottle and put it by the yolk

You should have one egg yolk and two egg whites left

Add your feta cheese, and spinach if you have any.

Add just a splash of milk.


Pour in your skillet

Scamble...and see why you need to remember to use cooking spray? .-.

Until fully cooked...

There! Healthy scrambled eggs (:

I chose to put mine in pita bread.

Slice the bread in half

See, it opens up. I put my eggs and a little bit of feta cheese and pepper inside.

There! A quick, healthy breakfast!

With the feta cheese I used and calories of the pita bread...this was all under 200 calories!

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