How to cook super bowl buffalo wings

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Grab your ingredients , butter , celery , wings and hot sauce , Nandos sauce is important for the South African twist to the Super Bowl favorite.

Cut your whole wings into 3 pieces , discard the wing tip.

Once all are chopped up set them on a tray basted with olive oil

Turn on the oven to 350 degrees

Baste the wings fully in sauce

Basted with Nandos sauce.

Place them in the oven

Melt some butter in the hot sauce to make it less fiery

Cut some celery into 10 cm sticks

Continually baste these bad Boys till the skin is crispy

Your celery should look like this

Shower the wings in sauce, plate up with some celery and blue cheese sauce .

Watch the video: Julias Quick and Simple Recipes #1: Super Bowl Hot Wings


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