How to make the bobble bracelet

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Sort your bands first, it makes it much easier.

Place your loom horizontally

Move your middle row of pegs so that they are in a column of 3 vertical pegs

Position loom so arrows are pointing to the right

We'll be using these four pegs.

Place 1 red band on all four pegs

Place your "c" clip on the band

Attach all sides of the band to the "c" clip

Place another red band on the four pegs

Take your loom tool and loop the bottom band over the top band

Place another red band

As before loop the bottom band over the top band

Push down the red band and we're starting on the bobble.. Take TWO black bands

Place them on the four pegs

Loop the bottom band over the top bands

Get four black bands

Place them on the four pegs and loop the bottom two back bands over them

Get two black bands

Put them on the four pegs

And loop the four bands over them

Get your next color (orange) and put on the four pegs

Loop the black bands over the orange

You will continue the steps, only this time you will put, 6 of each of your colors looping one at a time and you will use 2 black bands loop it, 4, then 2 again.

After you've done all your colors, take your 3 left over red bands and loop them like you did with all the others

Grab your "c" clip that was on the other end of your bracelet

Take your bands off the loom by putting them on the loom tool, and attach all the band ends to the "c" clip.

And your bracelet is finished.

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