How to make garlic butter

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How do restaurants make such delicious dishes so fast and consistently? The answer is preparation. Here is a simple trick to make it seem like you spent way more time cooking than you actually did

The beauty of this is that you can make it, refrigerate it for weeks and use it any time. Basically taking three steps out of your job by doing them beforehand.

The first thing you wanna do is leave your butter out at room temp...

Until its very soft. Ps this is plugra, a european style cultured butter. Its the best butter ever. Got it at whole food.

Mince your onions! As fine as you can

I added some shallots too

Mince the garlic!

Get out your red wine and oil

Dont forget salt and pepper!

Oil your pan

Add onions and salt! When ever you add any raw veggies you should add some salt. It helps osmosis.

Brown that stuff up!

Add small amounts of oil. Not too much, just enough to keep a thin layer in the pan

We wanna caramelize them a little. Thats when the onion sugars brown

Turn the heat up a lil and add the garlic. But get ready with your wine! You only wanna cook the garlic like 30 seconds at most.

Once you smell the garlic you crank the heat all the way up and pour your wine in. Try and scrape all the stuff off of the bottom (its called deglazing) *you can also use white wine

Take it off the heat and let it cool to room temp!

Mix the butter and onion garlic wine mixture once its at room temp. Season with salt and pepper to taste

Transfer to a container and refrigerate

Thats it! To be fair i could have used a lot more garlic and less onion, but i like onion.

Later this week ill be making fried rice! This is an important ingredient. Look for my next guide if you wanna make the best fried rice you've ever had!

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