How to build a lifeproof iphone 5/5s gopro adapter, easy

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Remove screw with Phillips screwdriver on iPhone 4 GoPro case holder assembly

Disassemble iPhone 4 go pro case holder (rear adapter, front plug, caseclamp)

Retain front plug and back go pro adapter

Note: As you can see, front plug is smooth

Disassemble iPhone 5 belt clip caseholder, inside retainer twists off. U do not need the round plug/retainer or rear belt clip adapter any more. You will be using the caseclamp

Note: the iPhone 5 caseclamp from the beltclip unit has a hole with 4 small tabs molded in

Use knife or ex to to trim out the small tabs. Be careful and obviously do not cut yourself. A dremel tool or hot knife would also do the job.

Now the front round plug from the iPhone 4 GoPro adapter assembly drops in

The go pro iPhone 4 GoPro rear adapter fits the iPhone 5 caseclamp just like it did the iPhone 4 caseclamp

The two prices final fit to the iPhone 5 caseclamp

Reinstall the screw and nut to unit the iPhone 4 GoPro err adapter and front plug to the IPhone 5 belt clip caseclamp.

Assembled pieces mounted to ram mount system, or tripod or any go pro adhesive mount

You now have an iPhone 5 GoPro adapter to hold your iPhone in/on any GoPro or tripod system

The back side.

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