How to get the most use out of your skincare

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Make sure your scissor is clean so that you don't get any unwanted bacteria in the product that can cause breakouts. (just washed mine so what you see are stains, don't worry;) Now let's get started!

Check that most of the product has run down to the bottom. You can do this by making sure it stands straight up over night.

Decide where you want to cut your container (somewhere around the middle) and make a small cut with your scissors.

Insert the scissor in the small whole you've just made and..

Start cutting! Try to make it a straight and neat line.

There you have it! The two parts are now separated.

See all the product remaining? This is what you would have been trowing out! There is still some left in the top part but I'll get to that in a second...

With a clean finger, scrape the remaining product from the top part down into the bottom part. This will prevent you from making a mess, smearing the cream all over when you put the parts together.

Squeeze the bottom half together like so (admire all the product you will be able to enjoy for a few more weeks). The top should fit over the bottom part, but you might have to squeeze some more.

There you have it! Be sure to wash your hands before applying the moisturizer (as usual!) but especially since you will be putting your fingers into the product. Don't keep it for long or it'll go bad

Hope you enjoyed! Check out my blog where I take you with me around Paris for castings, shootings and more! :)

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