How to choose, dice, and store avocados

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Choose an avocado with no blemishes or dents. It should be firm to the touch. If the skin of this type of avocado is green, then it's not ripe enough to enjoy.

Using a sharp knife, score avocado all around. Gently twist the top and bottom halves in opposite directions to separate.

Carefully press knife into seed and remove it.

Score lengthwise using tip of knife.

Then score crosswise.

Run a knife or a spoon along the inside and gently lift sections.

Gently squeeze the avocado half to dislodge the diced pieces.

Diced avocado.

If using just one half of avocado, leave the seed in the remaining section. Retain the skin which will be used to cover the unused portion. This will protect it and also slow down discoloration.

Store the avocado in two sandwich bags. Use the bags that do not have a ziplock.

Cover the unused half and place in sandwich bag. Gently twist and squeeze out the air from the bag making a snug fit.

Slide into second sandwich bag and secure with rubber band or twist tie. Thanks for viewing. For awesome napkins, please click on

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