How to Make an Aerium

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Gather your materialslichen and moss covered branch, forceps, a glass enclosure, tillandsia (air plants), and reindeer moss. Optionala pruner.

Obtain a glass enclosure that allows for some airflow. I’m using a hand-blown, bubble shaped glass terrarium with a hole for mounting on the wall.

Obtain a nice section of stick that will fit into your Aerium. If necessary, use the pruners to cut it down to appropriate size.

Add a base layer of reindeer moss until the enclosure is about 1/5 full. It’s nice to have a few different colors of moss for contrast and texture. Don’t overfill it.

Gently add your stick or natural addition of your choice in an interesting composition. Use the forceps to reposition the moss if need be.

Add a few tillandsia’s to your arrangement, asymmetry can help the eye travel around a composition, and the forceps to reposition by grasping near the base of the tillandsia.

Positioning a tillandsia in a part of the branch helps to elevate them, giving vertical dimension, and replicating their natural growth habit.

If warranted use your forceps to add a little more moss or other natural accoutrements to put finishing touches on the composition, ensuring every part has interest

When you’re done, find a bright spot with indirect light and a mild temperature to feature your aerium. Mist with water once every two weeks (weekly during hot or dry periods) using a spray bottle.

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