How to Make a Standout Photo With iPhone App: PhotoWizard

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The wanted output.

Original photo, which i desire to make the middle strawberry stand out.

Step1Open PhotoWizard app and load photo from your library.

Step2Select the mask menu (bottom-right button).

Step3Select Mask Tool from top-right menu -I use Magic Wand tool

Step4Select the target area by tappin on it. To undo, select the undo button at top. The masked area represents the hidden area. No effect can be applied as you mask it.

Step5Continue tapping till the whole target area is shown transparent.

Step6Tap the swap menu at top to check if your image looks fine.

Step7Add effect. I added black and white

Step8Adjusting the effect details and density.

Step9I applied the glass effect on the unmark area and adjusted the effect details and density.

Step10To make this photo shiny and more dynamic, i applied the light effect using Bokeh pattern.

Step11For those who want to save the image in the maximum quality, tap Export Setting.

Step12Tap Max, for maximum quality. Then continue to export/save process.

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